FMBI Price

05/30/2024 10:30 Tokyo





  • Iridium

    Low: ¥23,800

    High: ¥25,400

    Ave.: ¥24,732

  • Ruthenium

    Low: ¥2,140

    High: ¥2,290

    Ave.: ¥24,732


About FMBI Price

Ⅰ About FMBI

  • FMBI shows the reference prices of iridium and ruthenium sell or purchase by Furuya Metal and its subsidiaries Furuya Metal Korea and Furuya Metal America on the day of the announcement, and discounts or premiums may occur in actual trading.
  • FMBI reflects Furuya Metal's view of market trends and is not linked to the asking prices of other companies.

Ⅱ Intellectual property, disclaimer

  • FMBI is Furuya Metal’s exclusive intellectual property.
  • FMBI is Free-to-Access Index for customers.
  • All rights are reserved and no one should use it without prior consent to Furuya Metal.
  • It does not guarantee accuracy and does not guarantee any loss incurred.


Frequently asked questions.

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