Products and Services

Metals Processing

  • Iridium Crucibles

    We provide Iridium (Ir) crucibles, seed holders, and after-heater products for growth of oxide single crystals used in SAW filters for smartphones and in medical PET equipment.

  • Pt Materials For Glass Melting

    We provide platinum (Pt) equipments used for melting optical and LC glass, and also products made of Pt alloy or reinforced Pt with fine oxide particles developed by ourselves (GS-FPO).

  • JIS Equivalent Products

    We provide platinum crucibles and boards specified by JIS equivalent.

  • Analysis Tools

    We provide platinum bead dishes and tongs used for fluorescent Xray analysis.

  • Mesh, Sheet, Foil, Pipe, Wire

    We provide various products made of Precious Metals, such as mesh, sheet, foil, pipe and wire. We are able to comply with an order for small volume even for one piece depending on customer’s request.

  • FSW Tools

    We provide Ir-based alloy tools for friction stir welding (FSW).


  • Thermal Products

    We manufacture a variety of thermocouples used in temperature measurement and control in high temperature processes.

Thin Film

  • Sputtering Targets

    We manufacture precious metal sputtering targets and our own original Ag-alloy (APC) materials which are used in thin film formation.

  • Evaporation Materials

    We manufacture high quality deposition materials supporting everything from high-mix low-volume production for research and development work to mass production for commercial purposes.

  • Made-to-Order Sputtering

    We have apparatus to ensure the formation of ultra-thin, and highly flat films. We make thin films using sputtering equipment to support your application.


  • Precious Metals Chemical Compounds

    We produce highly purified PGM and its chemical compounds for various purpose,by re-refining PGM powder produces at mite site.

  • Development Products

    We are working on the development of new products that can make full use of the potential of the precious PGM.


  • Recycling and Refining

    We can recover precious metals both from high quality scrap as well as low quality scrap, at our special chemical plant quickly and at high recovery rates.

Vibration Machine

  • Vibration Machine

    We are a distributer of IDEX brand vibration testers and parts palletizers.


Frequently asked questions.

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